Wii Speak Channel, DON’T BUY IT USED

In a very surprising move from Nintendo, they decided to almost make their newest hit, Animal Crossing City Folk, almost immune to many of the issues that other games are having with used sales. Animal Crossing City Folk comes with the Wii Speak peripheral, the special microphone that enables voice chat, only though if you have the Wii Speak Channel.

Now the kicker is that Nintendo does not sell the Wii Speak Channel, the only way to get it is by using the “Wii Download Ticket Number” that each game comes with, it’s the equivalent to and Xbox Live DLC code, and like the Xbox’s DLC code, you can only use it one time. So if you don’t buy the game new, you can not and won’t be able to use any of the Wii Speak aspects.


What do you guys think? Good move on Nintendo’s part? Or bad news for us gamers?

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  • This is the worst move Nintendo could make. Epic already talked about something like this, but I thought Nintendo was smarter than this. The Wii Speak will either end up being sold less than Wii Music is apparently being sold, or the Wii is going to end up as the #1 pirated console. Gamers are not going to accept not being able to buy games or peripherals used and also sell them used on the open market.

    If publishers, developers and console markers insist on this kind of a policy, they're just going to encourage piracy or make people quit gaming altogether.

  • A bad move on nintendos part in my opinion, because a gamer should receive the same features from a game/peripheral whether it is a used product or not. And doing something like this is only going to encourage behavior such as what gmu is describing. I am a nintendo fanboy, but this has got to be the dumbest way to bring a new peripheral into the gaming market.