Xboxers were snuggled, all out of their beds

while visions of Netflix danced in their heads

The avatars waiting, to be made just like “mii”

Finally I can copy that silly ol’ Wii

The Party system will make our gaming much sweeter

and soon it’ll be here, I’ll send out a Tweeter…

When all of a sudden, an update is ready…

It’s coming to me, the download is steady!

It boots right on up, it’s faster, and quick

I think these damn avatars are making me sick

How did I waste an hour making a ‘Mii’?

I guess they had something with that silly ol’ Wii.

Now on to my friends list, with avatars to see

Do they really look like that? Does mine look like me?

Who cares? I must join a party and play,

Or maybe just fire up Netflix for the day.

Wait, I must get the kids out of bed,

Send them to school, I feel like I’m dead.

Work will suck, but then it’s back home

To check it all out with the Pub guys, Shalom!