Rock Revolution Review (PS3)

Rock Revolution Boxshot

Game Review: Rock Revolution (PS3)
Release: October 14, 2008
Genre: Rhythm Game
Developer: Savage Entertainment
Available Platforms: Playstation 3, Xbox 360, Wii, DS
Players: 1-3 players, 2-6 online
MSRP: $49.99
ESRB Rating: T (Teen)

Konami has been the name in music games for years in Japan and later to the U.S. with games like Dance Dance Revolution, Karaoke Revolution to name a few, but Konami has sat back as Rock Band and Guitar Hero are taking the top spots in music games.  So they have released Rock Revolution.  Rock Revolution can be purchased as a stand alone game or with a drum kit and is compatible with Guitar Hero and Rock Band peripherals .

Rock Revolution allows you have a choice of three instruments, lead guitar, rhythm/bass guitar and drums (I played Rock Revolution with a Guitar Hero guitar as lead guitar).  You play by performing songs on a scrolling play field, with dots as the next note in the song.  The notes scroll up and down instead of the angle you may be used to with other rhythm games.  As you hit the correct notes your band performs in the back round.

Rock Revolution has different game modes that allow you to play career mode so you and your band tour together and not only do you have to complete the song, but to move forward you must score a certain amount of points and impress the crowd.  Also available is studio mode that allows you to record and mix a song.  Rehearsal Mode is another available mode and that is just what it say it is a practice mode or trainer.  Multiplayer mode allows you to play local or online with other bands,  There are about 40 songs for you to play.  Rock Revolution also has different challenges you complete prior to moving on to your next album or gig and some of them prove to be a real challenge such as Poison Note Challenge, you have to stay away from the poison notes and hit a target score.  Crank It Up ramps up across three difficulty levels.  In the Zone Challenge speeds up as the multiplier increases.  Band Practice is one of the hardest as you have to learn a songs section and play it back without markers.  Studio Challenge is when you have to play a song section without missing a note.

I love all the songs that are offered by Rock Revolution and where fun to play such as, Falling Away From Me and Dance Dance, just to name some.  I like the fact that you do not have to buy a specific peripheral for Rock Revolution you can use what you already have such as Guitar Hero or Rock Band peripherals.  Rock Revolution allows you to get creative when you create your own tracks, but you don’t get to use them in any other mode.  The bands animation was nicely put together and very appealing and the power meter and atmosphere meter add almost a equalizer look to them.  The placement of the combo meter is just right as you don’t have to take your eyes away from what you are doing.

Rock Revolution at times proves to be a little faster paced than what you might be used to from other rhythm games.  I would have like to have been able to customize my player instead of having to use a default one.  Rock Revolution has no singing mode and that is something I would have expected from Konami seeing they have released Karaoke Revolution in the past.  The bands graphics are so well put together I think they forgot about the crowd the animations are just plain Jane.  Hitting notes are a bit different, you have to almost hit the note prior to the target area.

My final say on this title is if you are looking for just some songs to play and have a good time with I would pick it up, but if you are looking for a game to compete  with other people this is not your title.  I really enjoyed all the songs in the game and some proved that I actually might be able to sing some of them.  There really is no replay value in this game because once you have gone platinum that is it.