The Best Albums You’ve “Probably” Never Heard #23

Super Furry Animals – Radiator

This weeks album Radiators is SFA’s second album and it came out in 1997.  It isn’t their biggest selling album though I think that it is their strongest.  Hailing from Cardiff, Wales SFA was a part of a huge Welsh musical movement in the mid to late 90’s and they ended up being one of the more successful  bands to come from it.  What kind of sets them apart from their contemporaries is their willingness to sing entire songs in their native language of Welsh.  Radiator features one song in their language and they also released a later album entirely in Welsh.    To describe their music i would say that it is a mix between prog rock, techno, pop rock and general good tunes.  One last interesting tidbit is that as I have mentioned in earlier segments that Creation Records is my favorite record label.  SFA happened to be apart of that label.  So if that sounds interesting to you check out the video’s after the jump.



Play it Cool

Hermann Loves Pauline

Ice Hockey Hair
(Not on Radiator. It was a stand alone single)

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