“Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia” Review

Like clockwork, Konami brings gamers another title in the Castlevania series. Let me assure you, this is not a bad thing.

In this installment of Castlevania, we are met with a new host of characters that are not in the Belmont clan, nor is the hero of this game a whip-totting, tunic-wearing male. The game is centered around a female protagonist, Shanoa. This game has the feel of Symphony of the Night with a twist of Castlevania 2 (NES).

There is much here to enjoy. The art style is beautiful for the DS with good character sprites, great backdrops, and sound effects. The newly instituted Glyph system is a nice breath of fresh air, allowing you to make 100 combinations of attack, mapping two at a time to your control scheme. These range from magical attacks to melee-styled attacks, all of which can be used in a combo system. The way you use these different glyphs together, of course, can have greater or weaker effects, depending on which ones you use. The MP (magic points) bar also gives the game a sense of strategy as  different glyphs use a certain amount of the MP bar, but do not fear, it does rebuild slowly back to full capacity.

There are over 20 areas to explore in the game and each is full of different obstacles, puzzles, hidden areas, and monsters.

The characters involved in this tale are interesting and the story is written well for the vain of the Castlevania universe. Like other games of the series, I enjoyed the battles against the various monsters, both regular fare and also the bosses, which are plentiful and all fun.

Also, you can connect up to 4 players via the wi-fi connection with Nintendo’s Wireless DS Multi-Card Play.

Overall, this game is top-notch and is a must for fans of adventure or Castlevania. You will get your money’s worth as the glyph/combo system will give you the desire to go back and play through again to try out different sets of attacks. Pick this game up or ask someone for it for the holidays. You will not regret it.

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