Colombia Pictures pulls from NXE NetFlix

It appears that Colombia Pictures had a “licensing” and you won’t be able to watch any of their movies on your X-Box via NetFlix. Of course the real reason is that Colombia happens to be owned by Sony.

Our Netflix streaming queues just got considerably shorter on the eve of the NXE launch. Acting on a tip, we popped into our Netflix account and sure enough, our “Instant Queue” had a new “Notes” column with an oft-repeated, red (nobody likes red!) notice: “Not available on Xbox.” Logging onto Xbox Live (with an NXE account) confirmed that these titles were no longer available for streaming on Xbox 360.

Update: We’ve found a common thread! All of the affected titles from our Queue are distributed by Columbia Pictures. Columbia Pictures, of course, is owned by Sony Pictures Entertainment, a subsidiary of Microsoft rival Sony. Case closed?

Oddly enough, Sony Picture Entertainment movie are still Xbox-enabled.


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