Man Escapes Prison the Solid Snake Way

The cardboard box is used for many things. For instance, sending in your broken Xbox 360 to get repaired, storing items, moving and several over things.

In Metal Gear Solid a box is used to sneak around a base and laugh at the enemies that don’t look under a moving box. Though I was never able to perfect the use of the box, I did laugh when I saw videos on youtube. The box is much more iconic to me than the weighted companion cube from Portal, which many people see as their favorite box.

A 42 year old Turkish drug dealer escaped from a prison in Germany using the Solid Snake method. He hid himself in a 150X120 box. When a delivery truck came to pick up inmate-produced merchandise, he took the man in the box with him. Once out of the prison, he ditched the box and went running. Police are still on the look out for him.

Remember kids, escaping out of prison is as easy as using a box.

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