Happy Birthday Mik!


It’s birthday time here at Platform Nation and this time it is Mike’s, aka Mik, birthday. Most of you that have been here with Platform Nation know Mik, he has been apart of our community for several years now, since the XBL Radio days. All these amazing graphics you see here on Platform Nation, Mik made them, he is a huge part of Platform Nation. He doesn’t just help us out on the graphics though, Mik is also an educator, through his show that is over on and though our forums I have learned many new things, like sounding nor would I have ever heard any of the “Tales from the Mormon Youth Dance“.

Anyways Mik has been a huge part of Platform Nation and I just wanted to take a minute to highlight him and wish him well on his birthday, so if you all can do the same, wish him a good one today, that would be really awesome, especially because without him PN would not be what it is today.

Happy Birthday Mik!

  • Mik, the hardest working man in showbusiness.. 🙂 HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAN!! Have a great one!

  • Happy Birthday! What games ya get?

  • Happy birthday. Don't look at day over 75!

  • Happy Birthday Mik!

  • Happy Birthday! I really do cherish the "arrangement" we have. Only you can bring out the Man in me.

  • Happy Birthday mik!

  • Hey graphics whiz! Sorry I'm late to the party as usual. Happy Birthday!

  • Happy Birthday Mik!

    Also I would like to wish a Happy Birthday to Brett! (Malt Liquor informed me of this today at VGXPO)

  • Happy birthday mik!

  • Happy birthday! I am really enjoying the Lunchcast.

  • Happy Belated Birthday!!