Playstation Network User Agreement

It looks like randomly torching Little Big Planet levels was not the only way Sony is covering its’ own ass. Sony updated their Playstation Network User Agreement on October 15th just a week or so before Little big planet was to come out. The entire user material and information section was new to the User Agreement. I highlighted the relevant parts for your reading pleasure.


SCEA may provide others, including but not limited to its subsidiaries or affiliates, with information relating to your participation on PSN, including your communication and game play provided through PSN (“Information”). You hereby authorize SCEA to use, distribute, copy, display, and publish your Information for any legitimate business purpose, including tournaments and ranking, without payment to you. In addition, you will have the option to post, stream or transmit content such as pictures, photographs, game related materials, or other information through PSN to share with others (“User Material”), provided no rights of others are violated. To the extent permitted by law, You authorize and license SCEA a royalty free and perpetual right to use, distribute, copy, modify, display, and publish your User Material for any reason without any restrictions or payments to you or any third parties. You further agree that SCEA may sublicense its rights to any third party, including its affiliates and subsidiaries. You hereby waive all claims, including any moral rights, against SCEA, its affiliates and subsidiaries for SCEA or any other third party’s use of User Material to the extent permitted by applicable law. By posting, streaming, or transmitting any User Material, you represent and warrant that you have the appropriate rights to use, post, distribute, and transmit the User Material and to grant SCEA the foregoing license. You further agree to cooperate with SCEA in resolving any dispute that may arise from your Information or User Material. SCEA reserves the right to remove any Information or User Material at its sole discretion.

It appears that Sony can make you aid them in any legal disputes revolving around your level. (probably right out of your pocket book)

So what do you think about it, would you rather have Sony pull the levels down, or wait until someone sues?

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  • Looks like the only thing SCEA is concentrating on is changing everything that the gamers don't want changed.

    1) Limiting creativity on LBP is like shooting yourself in the foot.
    2) Taking out streaming movies and music from your hard drive in HOME.
    3) Website changes…yet they can't fix their ultra craptastic customer service.