PN Question of the Week, Nov 23

Last weeks question the was a simple one, Platform Nation just wanted to know what else you use your TV for, what do you watch, well there were a lot of great shows listed there. A lot of Chucks, It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia, The Office, Scrubs and many other great shows.

And now it is time for this weeks question, just like last week it is a very simple question. What was the last game that you have played? This is for any console, system or handheld.

  • Last game I played? Call of Duty World at War trying to finish the stupid game on Veteran difficulty! I'm baffled by the checkpoints. They gave them out like candy when you don't need them but when it gets to a part when you do you have to go for ever before you get one. Ridiculous and frustrating!

  • The last game I played was Burnout for the PS3, just doing some trophy hunting

  • Well right now I'm playing NHL09 but I've been playing Rock Band 2 almost everyday.

  • Matthew

    I finished Left 4 Dead last night, though I'm planning on playing through it again. Some time in the next 24 hours I will see the start of Call of Duty: World at War…

  • Gears 2

  • Gears 2 for me. Actually it's kind of hard to pull me away from. I have L4D, but can't bring myself to take Gears out.

  • I feel so used….

  • burnout for me.. got used by steve and had to start over cause it won't see my game save.

  • Just got done playing Animal Crossing City Folk for like 3 hours. Good times…

  • Bigmangriff


  • FIFA 2009

  • snakeman555

    I spent the last 5 hours making a little big planet level called "Lab Rat" I dedicated it to Platform Nation, you guys should go check it out.

  • Resistance 2

  • Just beat Gear 2 on Hardcore but now i'm trying to get through Left 4 Dead, but network drops are keeping me from enjoying this game.

  • Nickba

    the last game i have played is Left 4 Dead. Also i have been getting addicted on bike or die 2 for the iphone.

  • Last played was Call of Duty World at War. They online multiplayer is rather addtictive, and I'm finding has all the great qualities of COD4, but with different weapons. Working on leveling up at the moment.

  • Mirrors edge for the 360, i am addicted to this game.