Bejeweled Twist Review

Game: Bejeweled Twist
Release: Available Now
Genre: Puzzle
Developer: Popcap Games
Platform: PC 
Players: One
MSRP: $19.95
ESRB: E for Everyone

Bejeweled Twist is the newest installment in the Bejeweled franchise. Bejeweled Twist is a basic casual computer game that pretty much anyone could figure out. It functions in much the same way as the previous Bejeweled games but with a twist, literally, instead of dragging the gems you twist them in groups of 4. This offers a considerably new experience without being to complicated.

There are four different modes you can enjoy in Bejeweled Twist, the three you start out with are classic, zen, and blitz. In classic mode you try to earn a certain score before a bomb explodes to advance to the next level. If you want a extremely “relaxing” (which is just a fancy way to say boring) experience you should try zen mode, zen mode is just like classic but without the bombs, and other special gems. The last of the “starter” modes is Blitz mode, in this mode you try to acquire as many points as you can, and keep the bombs from blowing up, for 5 minutes.

Once you graduate from junior rotator to rotator, you unlock challenge mode. Challenge mode is a collaboration of 13 different levels that each provide you with a certain task, such as destroy 200 gems in 5 minutes. Challenge mode proved to be the most enjoyable, and sometimes frustrating portion of the game. It was really probably so much more fun because it was actually challenging.

The thing that really makes it for Bejeweled Twist is the sheer variety of gameplay modes. Another wonderful aspect is how re-playable it is, because no level is the same twice. The new way of moving gems offers enough variation from the other Bejeweled games that it would be worth getting even if you already have Bejeweled.

It would be really nice if Bejeweled Twist had any sort of story at all. It also wouldn’t hurt to add some extra magic gems to the game to offer more variety to the game play. Other than these few nitpicks Bejeweled  Twist is a superb puzzle style game. However I am not sure it was necessary for them to implement an instant replay system in to this particular game.  

I personally found Bejeweled Twist to be a little on the boring side. But if you are the kind of person who enjoys the more casual, puzzle style games I would really recommend you at the very least download the free trial.

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