Design a PN LBP Level, Win A Free Game

28F61398-B317-4790-B7A4-2A577F887587.jpgGuess what Platform Nation community? We here at Platform Nation want to give you a free game, and not just any game but the game of your choice (maximum value $60).

What we are wanting is a Platform Nation LittleBigPlanet level, you can do whatever you want with the level all we ask is that you incorporate Platform Nation into your level.

This contest is actually going on till December 22, that gives you just under one month to come up with an idea and make it happen. After December 22 myself and several of our staff will get together and judge all the levels to determine which is the best level. After that we will notify the winner and let them pick any game of their choice.

To help you guys out I have setup a Platform Nation Flickr set where you can find all sorts of Platform Nation images that you can and should use freely in your level.

Now if you have any questions please ask away in our forums under the thread titled “Design a PN LBP Level, Win A Free Game”, you can also submit your levels there. And speaking of submitting levels, you are not limited to only submitting one, you can actually submit as many as your heart desires.

Good luck everyone and I really look forward to seeing what you guys, and gals, are capable of doing.

  • mgoode

    This is a great contest. I wish you guys were throwing a Motorola Krave into the mix. That would be awesome. I like the 2 megapixel camera especially. You can check out the full feature list online at I've been a fan of this thing ever since I started working with Motorola.

  • well if Motorola wanted to donate one then I would


  • I like this contest idea, too bad im not that creative, or own a ps3, otherwise, i would making levels like crazy.

    Allowing people to pick the game of their choice is a nice touch.