Get Your Own PlayStation Credit Card

Platform Nation is at a lost of words on this one, what do you guys think?


You may have seen the mailers, and it’s true. We’ve introduced our very own PlayStation credit card to offer fans a new way to show off their PlayStation pride and earn reward points towards the purchase of PlayStation and SONY products.

We’ve even sweetened the pot with a special introductory offer. Starting today until December 31, 2008, you could save $150 on the purchase of a PLAYSTATION 3 this holiday. There are a couple ways to do this. You can go to to to get instant approval for your card, and an immediate $150 credit when you purchase a PS3 directly through the website.

Or you can go to apply for the card and upon receipt of the card, use it at any authorized PlayStation retailer to purchase a PS3. The $150 credit will show up on your billing statement.

The holidays just got merrier. Happy shopping.


  • So use it for a year and pay off the balance and move on – i was thinking of applying. Not sure if i'll use the card after a year though with that interest.

  • Sony has offered this type of promotion for the last couple of years. If you sign up for a Sony credit card, (this year, a Playstation card) you get get a deal on a PS3 or a TV. They did this last Christmas, and then extended the deal up until mid last year. The one item to note on this card, you have 0 interest for the first year, and then it defaults to 29.99%!!! The rate is beyond ridiculous if carry a balance past the introductory period or use it for anything else and carry a balance. Now if you pay off the account or transfer the balance before the introductory period ends, then it may be a decent deal. The card itself is from Chase/JPMorgan.

    Default APR on the Playstation card is prime + 26.99%, but will not exceed 29.99%. Right now you can get a credit card from the largest bank at 0% for the first year, then afterwards it's prime + 3% (assuming you remain in good standing) …just to give you an idea of how much interest they'll charge you for the Playstation card.

  • With $150 credit pay it off before the year is up and you will still have saved that $150 if you dont already own a PS3 this is a great deal (as long as you pay it off before your year)