Hawkes Editorial: Where PCs reign

I was a PC gamer.

I’m pretty sure most of us were or still are. Ict’s the easiest starting point since most households now have a PC as standard equipment. No matter the game you started with, I’ll guarantee you that it was a PC that was point zero towards your collective gaming addiction.

I could be wrong, please don’t correct me; I’m getting a point going here.

Back in the old days (and, man, does that sound like an 80-year-old man typing there), you had your PC and your floppies. In the Commodore 64 days, you would load up the first level with the next level floppy sitting on top of the device ready to go when the word came.

Some people complain about load screens today? Try waiting on floppy disc 2 to load! I remember waiting 15 minutes for a game to load — puts the PS3 mandatory installs into perspective a bit, huh?

Another point in PS3’s favor: Once loaded, you didn’t have to do it again. With the ol’ 64, you had to do it EVERY time. No hard drives to install to back then.

Wow, that was a tangent, where was I?

Oh yes, where PCs reign.