PS3 Wireless Keypad now at Gamestop

Over at the Wireless keypad for the PS3 controller is now available. Even though Sony said it wouldn’t be available until early December.  The keyboard will be costing you $50 + S&H, or you could go over to and get it for $50 without S&H, but it won’t be shipping until December 15th.

-so will any of you guys be forking over the dough to get one of these keypads?

  • I'm picking one up, I got a pre-order deal on amazon for $38

    I know Desz is picking one up too

  • $50?! I thought the chatpad on the 360 was expensive!

  • ugh, i hate the price and the look but im still getting it!

  • its $45 over on and yes I'll be getting one also.