Review: Gears of War 2 – Single Player Campaign

A couple of months before E3 2005, Microsoft started a viral campaign to hype up the (then unnamed) Xbox 360. It was called “Our Colony,” and I played along with everyone else. In fact, I recently found the video that was the prize at the end of the campaign where J Allard came out and showed us the Xbox 360.

Sure there had been leaks galore prior to that, and anyone who was following closely wasn’t all that surprised by its look, but it was a fun game to play and began the backbone of community that Xbox 360 is built on.

There were campaign game screenshots galore, some for Oblivion, some for Perfect Dark Zero. But the one I remember being most curious about was the shot of a large reptilian like creature with pale skin, pale eyes, and spots on its skin; it was holding what looked like a mean looking machine gun.

This was our first glimpse of the Locust.