The Best Albums You’ve Probably Never Heard #24

The Magic Numbers–”Those the Brokes”

This week’s best album you’ve probably never heard comes to us from the Magic Numbers, a 70’s style rock/pop quartet out of Ealing in the United Kingdom.

The band is comprised of two sets of brother-sister pairs: Romeo Stodart (guitar and lead vocals), Michele Stodart (bass, vocals), Sean Gannon (drums), and Angela Gannon (vocals, melodica, percussion, keys).  The Stodarts had been born and raised in Trinidad until political unrest pressed their parents to transplant the family back to England, where the Gannons were their first friends at their catholic high school.

Romeo and Sean were the first to turn the foursome’s friendship into a musical venture…the two girls started out as mere fans until their brothers were able to talk them into joining the band.

The Magic Numbers’ sound is a rich blend of many disparate elements which nonetheless coalesce into a very pleasant and non-threatening mixture.  Elements of Al Green, soulful motown, 70’s rock, the Faces, and a bit of folk can be heard on their 2006 sophomore album, “Those the Brokes.”  It’s a lovely eclectic tribute to many of the forgotten charms of 60’s and 70’s music, and a boon to any discerning person’s music library.
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  • This is an awesome album it is one of my favorites