TQcast Episode 48

TQcast EP48 Pre Thanksgiving and Black Friday EP (1:30) TQcast is back, and ready to take on the gaming and tech world by storm right before Thanksgiving and BlackFriday!

  • PS3 Trophies mandatory come January 2009
  • PS1 Games hitting the PSN
  • Get rushed to the ER by Pirates
  • Resistance 2 Review
  • Pixel Junk Monsters Encore to take all TQ awards
  • Mirror’s Edge PS3 impressions (Get a bucket for this one)
  • IronMan on Blu-Ray makes it into Desz’s Christmas wish list.
  • Plus your video games, movies, album, and a very Thanksgiving drink tip for the whole family.
  • ***TQ Contest Alert**** Level 5 is the Level to be.. Listen to TQcast and find out how to win an exclusive TQ Sony package. TQ rewards your trophy addiction!

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