Review: Scene It? Box Office Smash! (X360)

Game Review: Scene It: Box Office Smash
Release: 10/28/2008
Genre: Compilations
Developer: Krome / Screenlife
Available Platforms: Xbox 360 Exclusive
Players: 1-4, Co-op 1-4, Online: Multiplayer & Co-op
MSRP: $59.99 w/ Four Big Button Controllers
ESRB Rating: T for Teen

Think you know movies and movie trivia?  Want to battle it out over Xbox Live, with up to four teams able to play?  Then Scene It? Box Office Smash is one of the choices that has presented it self this holiday season.  This is the sequel to the highly popular Scene It? Light, Camera, Action that was released last holiday season.  But with Scene It? Box Office Smash we are given more HD movie clips, all new questions, plus several new puzzle types to test your knowledge of popular, and some not so popular, movies!

With this edition of Scene It? there are over 250 movies that are represented.  Everything from current blockbusters like The Dark Knight to past ‘B’ movies like Xanadu have trivia questions, puzzlers and/or clips about them.  This adds a diversity to the game that will allow fans all of movie genres the ability to compete and have a great time playing.  In the “big box” version of the game you also receive four (4) “big button” controllers, and corresponding IR dongle, but Scene It? Box Office Smash also comes without the “big buttons” saving gamer’s a little money in this congested holiday season.

With Box Office Smash you now have the ability to take your movie knowledge on-line to try and prove, once and for all, who is the king of movie trivia.  While it is nice to sit down as a family and play there are always times where not everyone is home, or wants to play, and the added option of on-line play was the main feature missing from the first Scene It?.  While there is the normal “heads up” mode; where you will take your movie knowledge against, up to, three other people.  The “couch mode” is a great addition where a group in your home takes on, up to, three other groups across Xbox Live.

Scene It? Box Office Smash is also the first Xbox game to make use of individual avatars and as of November 19th this includes your personal NXE avatar.   With this level of personalization and over 20 different puzzle/trivia types, ranging from watching a movie clip and answer five questions about that clip, to put four movies in order by release date with only the title, the amount of variety in this game will not leave you wanting.

However, the quantity, or cycle, of questions may.  While the website for Box Office Smash does say it has a “content tracking system that minimizes question repeats, you always have a fresh play experience.”  This was not my experience with the game.  I have played over five long games and numerous short games and by the third time playing was experience repeat questions.  Granted not all questions were repeats but by my seventh game over 25% of the questions were repeats.  This was the limitation of the first Scene It? also so lets hope the, future, addition of downloadable content alleviates this issue, and at a reasonable price too.

While Scene It? Box Office Smash does address the main issue gamers had with the first, on-line play, it is yet to be determined if future DLC will add enough to this title.  With counterparts the likes of Buzz! on the PS3, and its ability for endless user quizzes, or Wits n Wagers on the Xbox Live Arcade, and its available supply of DLC its hard to recommend Scene It? Box Office Smash as a $60 title.  While a family that has “game night” once a week may get the $60 value out of it.  A movie fan, or a slightly more then casual gamer, will experience repeat questions very quickly and move on to the next title.  If you have the controllers from the first Scene It?, or four controllers in general, then the “game only” option of $39.99 US is another great option.

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  • I think that it is a pretty good game, and is a steal at $39.99 if you already own the bundle from the previous game. Online play is great, the new puzzle types are fun, it has avatar support, and the option for future dlc, i think this game has some legs to it.

  • I have both versions of Scene It on the 360, and have to say Box Office Smash is an improvement over the original. The mix of movies is quite great. I've played at least 7 short games, which are really not that short, and 1 long game, which is in fact long, and only had one movie scene repeat, however it featured different questions. That alone impressed me.

    If you're a fan of Scene It, or if you're seeking a good family game, Box Office Smash is a good deal. And the cost is reasonable in that you get four controllers with batteries that can be used in other quiz games, such as Wits n Wagers.