Gears 2 Patched!

Epic released a patch earlier this morning that fixed the long matchmaking issues, and some other bugs. I know we all were ready for this fix, I for one am tired of waiting in the Matchmaking screen.

Released earlier this morning (3:40AM pacific to be exact), the Gears of War 2 patch or “title update” will be insta-downloaded the next time you pop in your Gears 2 disc while connected to Xbox Live. The biggest change the update will bring is a fix to the long matchmaking wait times that were overkill, especially for one and four player parties. Epic’s Rod Fergusson is optimistic that today’s patch will squash Gears 2‘s online multiplayer problems, saying that he hopes “the matchmaking issues we’ve seen up till now are a thing of the past.” Amen to that.

We’re also informed that the Gears 2 patch will improve how stats are collected for and fixes the problem where some players couldn’t access campaign when Xbox Live is down.

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  • I really hope this works I am so tired of waiting up to 20 minutes to find my first match. Usually once I find one I have no problems but that first one is such a long wait.