Castlevania Judgement Review

Game: Castlevania Judgement

Release: Available now

Genre: Fighting

Developer: Konami

Platform: Wii

MSRP: $50.00

ESRB: Teen


Castlevania Judgement is a arcade style fighting game for the Wii. So basically you have a quick throw-down with your opponent, win (do a dance), or lose (throw your controller at your TV and sue Nintendo). 


The basic premise of the game is that you are trying to reach Dracula.  In the “Story Mode” you get to follow one of the characters through their story line, and their quest to find Dracula.  There are a few other gameplay modes as well. There is castle mode where you can be any of the characters, and you battle your way through opponents, and special tasks. There is also a typical arcade mode as well. 

The controls pretty much make the game. It is quite rewarding to swing the controller, and attack. There is also a fairly decent selection of characters to play with, and you can have each character wear one of four color schemes. It also said It offered DS bonus content, but I couldn’t figure out how to connect my DS, I wasn’t sure If I needed Castlevania for the DS or not, but I’m sure It would have been cool. Lastly, and probably the best feature is the online multiplayer. It randomly matches your with someone else so you can have a quick battle. (just don’t switch it from “domestic” to “worldwide”, unless you are a fan of lag issues)


Castlevania Judgment does, however have it’s issues. First, and probably most irritating, is that the characters are so unbalanced. You could probably give a three year old the controller and tell them to shake it and they would win if your gave them the good character. The story was also a little, well, non existent. The AI characters were way to good. I remember fighting the 3rd character in story mode way more times that I can count before I beat her. 


I would not recommend this game to anyone, unless you love endless frustration. In fact  if you happen to see it at your local game store, I would strongly recommend you close your eyes and hope that when you open them it will be gone. 

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