Holiday Buyer’s Guide 2008: Nintendo Wii

With less than a month to Christmas, are you still wondering what game or games to get for that Nintendo Wii player in your life? Perhaps you are not shopping for anyone but yourself. Here are five selections of games from this year that might prove great to give yourself or to someone else this holiday season. These come in no particular order.

1. Mario Kart Wii

The classic series makes its first appearance on the Wii and the feel and gameplay of previous entries of the series transfer nicely to the motion-controlled system. Lots of characters, tracks, and options gives gamers plenty of replay value and the online is quite nice.

2. Super Smash Brothers Brawl

Just like Mario Kart, the series makes a good transition to the Wii. And just like Mario Kart, there are plenty of characters, options and online play. The fighting gameplay offers something for both the casual gamer as well as those who enjoy the fighting genre.

3. Boom Blox

The Steven Spielberg game from EA is nice title to have in any Wii owner’s collection. Think Jenga with the carnival game of Baseball toss (or in Boom Blox’s case, as well, Bowling Ball toss). There are a plentiful amount of game modes that offer up to 4 players playing either against one another or co-op. It is a game of skilled shots and fun for all.

4. Guitar Hero: World Tour

This isn’t the first of its kind for the Wii, but the interactive music series, this time, offers more than guitar gameplay. World Tour brings in for its first time the ability to sing the songs as well as play the drums. The title also makes for a fun time for a party or when multiple people want to play.

5. Skate It

Although the graphics are not up to par with the Skate series on other consoles, the game is a must-have for Wii owners. The tricks are fun to pull off on the system and come not in frustration. Skate It is a fun game with plenty of gameplay options, Balance Board support, multiplayer, and challenge.

Any of these games would be a great gift to give a Wii gamer. Although there are many more titles to choose from, these titles will ensure both smiles and fun for many months to come.


  • Having *finally* played Mario Kart on Wii, it deserves that number 1 spot.

    Some love should be given to some good WiiWare games too, World of Good and Tetris Party are both good times.

    I need to rent Boom Blox already.

  • Did you play State It with the balance board? I am really curious to hear how that feels.

  • FandA_Eternal

    There are all sorts of VC games I could have put on the list, but I kept it strictly to retail. World of Goo is good and would have def. made the list if it was on a disc.