The Look Ahead: December

The Christmas season is upon us, and as we look ahead to December you may notice a fairly major drop off in the number of games coming out this month, and if you look even closer you’ll notice a major drop in the caliber of games that are launching.  Make no mistake about it, December has some big shoes to fill, as it tries to follow maybe the biggest 3 consecutive months in console gaming history.  While you’re not going to find any Gears of War, Little Big Planet, or Call of Duty class games, if you look closely you may see a few bright spots.  Below is a full list of games coming out for each platform.

Playstation 3

12/02 – Prince of Persia

12/02 – SingStar ABBA

12/09 – Sonic Unleashed

12/16 – Rise of the Argonauts

X-Box 360

12/01 – Destroy All Humans 3: Path of Furon

12/02 – Prince of Persia

12/16 – Rise of the Argonauts

Nintendo Wii

12/02 – Mushroom Men: Spore Wars

12/02 – Nancy Drew: The White Wolf

12/02 – King of Fighters: Orochi Saga

12/02 – My Fitness Coach

12/09 – Neopets Puzzle Adventure

12/09 – Rygar: The Battle of Argus

12/09 – Imagine: Fashion Party

12/16 – Word Jong Party

12/16 – Summer Sports 2

12/22 – Rock Band 2

12/30 – Rock Band 2 Special Edition Bundle

Playstation 2

12/01 – Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories

12/02 – SingStar ABBA

12/09 – Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4

12/22 – Rock Band 2


12/02 – A Vampyre Story

12/02 – Grand Theft Auto IV

12/09 – Prince of Persia

12/16 – Rise of the Argonauts

Nintendo DS

12/02 – Mushroom Men: Rise of the Fungi

12/02 – Prince of Persia

12/16 – Dreamer: Puppy Trainer(Gamestop Exclusive Title)

12/16 – Dreamer: Horse Trainer(Gamestop Exclusive Title)

While the Nintendo Wii takes home the prize for the most games coming out, the overall quality of those games seems to be, as usual, a question mark.  In case you’re wondering why the PSP is not on this list, it isn’t because I couldn’t find a list of games coming out… it’s because I did, and the list was empty.

Top Picks For December

The new Prince of Persia title that’s coming soon has been hyped quite a bit, and definitely deserves to be on your list, especially if you’re a fan of the series.  The early reviews I’ve seen for this game are quite good, and it’s coming to just about every console in some form or another.

Grand Theft Auto IV is finally making it’s appearance on the PC this month, and if you’re a PC gamer, you owe it to yourself to give it a shot.  In my mind, this is still one of the top 3 titles to launch for the console market this year, and while it may sound like old news to anyone who has already played it on a console, if a PC is your only gaming option, it’s a must have.

Rock Band 2 is also making a late appearance for a couple of systems this month, as it finally launches for the Nintendo Wii and Playstation 2.  While it’s a lot like the first one, the new tracks look good, and if you already own the instruments it’s a no brainer, especially with a price tag that’s a tad less than the ones on the bigger consoles.

So this has nothing to do with gaming, but I feel compelled to also mention that The Dark Knight will be shipping out on DVD and Blu-ray, December 9th.  If you’re even a remote fan of Batman, superheros, Heath Ledger or just movies in general, you simply must give this one a look.  One of the greatest movies I’ve seen in a long time, and an almost unbelievably good final performance by the late Heath Ledger.

So there you have it.  No it’s not great, but if you pick your way through the soon-to-be bargain bin titles, there’s a few good ones in there.

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