Archive | December, 2008

Valve’s 2009 Special!

Valve is distributing free games to steam users for the new year! Kick off the year 2009 with a bang! Click here to see what you’ve received! Just wanted to give you guys the heads up about this potential scam going around through email. There is an email that I received today that offers a […]

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XBL contest results

The results for the free month of x-box live are in. I received a total of 4 entries.  Here are the 4 entries- Hines- Bodabo 420- Fefe- Chokochokorito- Since I received so few entries I opted to give a little something to everyone. The winner Hines recieved a free month of XBL, Bodabo won a Kiss Guitar Hero faceplate, Fefe, and Chokochokorito won […]

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