The Gamers Pub Episode 50

The Gamers Pub, Episode 36

Topics Include:

What we are drinking

What we are playing

Episode 50 all live show with our listeners calling in

All this and more!

Intro song “Beer” by the band Psychostick, go check them out at

This weeks outro “Breakfast Cereal” by Z Trip.

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  • SquirmyMalo

    This was an awesome show! The turnout was pretty amazing and I just wanted to say happy 50th shave, i mean show, and thanks for the 2 months of live. You guys rock and keep the good stuff coming.

  • SquirmyMalo

    I almost forgot!, Steve has the smallest penis ever. 😛 (There you go GUI)

  • If you don’t know the pub you need to take a look
    Episode 50 was off the hook
    Their peeps called in with lots of cheer
    To talk great games, with friends and beer

    Every show they produce is worth the price
    It’s truly #1, like Burnout Paradise
    Sure, on iTunes they need more reviews
    but nothing more relaxing than games and booze

    GuiJ and BDazzler are genuinely cleaver
    and Steve519 rocks the smallest penis ever

    Yo! Word to Platform Nations motha’…………!