TQ Black Friday Recap

Black Friday has become a TQ holiday without a doubt. I have attended the last 5 black Friday’s: In order:
Year 1 Fry’s (arrived at 4am) was about 250 from the front
Year 2 Fry’s (Arrived at 2am) was about 200 from the front
Year 3 Best Buy (Arrived at 11:30pm the day before) about 400 from the front. (Best Buy was a champ this year)
Year 4 Fry’s regains the title (Arrived at 11:30pm day before) about 250 from the front
This Year Fry’s (Arrived at 10:25pm before) about 150 from the front.

Even with the whole economy issues going on, this Black Friday did not disappoint. There were many questions on whether or not this black Friday would be successful or not, and I will say that the lines were not as big as last year. At Fry’s at least. Anyways enough rambling about the economy and redtube, let’s get into our TQ holiday event that took place at Fry’s for the second year in a row.

10:00pm Manzilla arrives at TQ headquarters we drive to Fry’s
10:30pm Arrived at Fry’s, Juice already posted in line.
10:45pm we get shopping carts for beds.
11:30pm We get hungry
12:00pm We find a drive through 7-11 that turned out to be an attached green burrito or something. We were very disappointed that we couldn’t order some aspirin and a slushy through the drive through.


12:15 we get Jack in the Box (Jumbo Jacks hit the spot)
12:30 Desz takes a nap on the Fry’s Bed

1:00pm Desz wakes up and moves into Juice’s Impala trunk.

1:30am Desz wakes up to the tunes of “Love in the Trunk” by Juice.
2:00am Jay arrives (he brings turkey left overs, warm bread, coffee, and chairs. But most importantly a glow in the dark football.
2:30am we start a football game (Juice,Jay, The Marine) VS (Desz, Manzilla, and some Tom Brady looking guy)
2:35am Desz scores a TD
2:37am Desz scores a TD
2:40am Desz throws for a TD
2:45am Juice feels like throwing up, and blames it on the alcohol
2:46: Manzilla eats it and pulls a hamstring.
2:48am everybody is basically worn out after 13 minutes of play
2:50am we take a half time break and never return for the second half.
3:00am we start playing black jack since its the only card game everybody knows how to play.
4:00am we start putting stuff away and get ready for action
4:30am Manzilla limps over to the donuts section
5:00am we enter Fry’s and rush to our designated areas
6:00am we are all out of there. Mission completed, well except for Juice, he is still on a mission
6:05am we head to Walmart…..Juice get’s hooked up, I mean really hooked up.. Done Deal…Oh wait Target for one last thing ;)

Wanna know what we copped? Listen to TQEP49.