Microsofts Deal Of The Week

Major Nelson has announced Xbox Live Marketplace Holiday Deal of the Week.  The deal of the week will feature one discounted item for one week during the month of December.

The first deal will run now through next Monday, and the deal this week is Halo 3’s Legendary Map Pack for 400 Microsoft Points ($5) down from 600 Microsoft Points.

So check back every Monday on Xbox Live Marketplace for the new deal of the week, the deals will be available the next day (Tuesday) and will be bargained priced for one week (until the following Monday).  These bargains are available only to Xbox Live Gold Members.

The first deal is not so good for me, but there still is a lot of Halo players out there and they might not have the Legendary Map Pack as of yet, but its been out for awhile and shouldn’t it be free by now?  Lets see what next weeks deal will bring us.

  • If you havn't bought the map pack, i'm pretty sure your not going to buy them now.