The Gamers Pub Resistance 2 Review

The Playstation 3 Review of Resistance 2, by Jelloshots

After finishing what I would call a really great storyline in Resistance, I was feverishly anticipating what would come out of Resistance 2.   Upon watching demo video from E3 I found myself in a bit of a worried thinking that, what would come from Resistance was not what I had envisioned.  Upon finally playing Resistance 2, I found myself more in a rush to see how the outcome of ease story mode sequence ended rather than enjoying how I got there.  Overall it found that R2 was an ok story, but nowhere near as interesting as the first, but I am jumping ahead of myself lets look further into R2 shall we?

One of the major things I really liked in Resistance 2 was the controls.  Because you make your own, I felt that the R2 team gave gamers more control over their experience, by being able to really tweak your game play experience.   I love the fact a game lets you customize the controls to what you want out of them not what they say you should have.  Another point I found even better than just the option to customize your control scheme was the fact that the game gives you your tutorial with your scheme and not the default one.  I myself have set up the controls just like Cod4 and they work out great since most games are going that way.

Once you get you controls right I guess its time for gameplay.  The hardest part here is figuring out where to go first.  You have the normal story mode, Coop mode, and Multiplayer modes.  All modes are very different.  I am going to explain each mode separate so that all get the time they should.

After the cliffhanger ending of Resistance fall of man I had to start with the single player story mode.  The campaign was pretty good, as I stated before this games story did not blow me away.  I don’t think Insomniac lost anything with this game, but they did not make any progress either.  I was hoping for a story that would drag me right into the invading world of the Chimera, but it did not seem to do it at all.  Don’t get me wrong, while the story mode lacked in narrative, which did not in any way stop me from playing almost non-stop. This game lets you swap difficulties during game play, but I choose to stick it out on normal mode and make it though.  There were a couple of tough (COD4 Insane) spots but anyone seasoned shooter should make it through.

Next, was my exciting venture into the world of multi player.   My best way to describe this is a bigger slower version of Unreal tournament.  Having a party system is great.  It works well and is very easy to use.  Playing 30v30 is a little tricky at first but with the size of the maps there is no problem.  I have yet to find myself stuck with a lot of people around.  Now one would think that a game that big would be full of laggege but I have yet to see any at all.  My only real problem with multi player I don’t seem to like the weapons (But that just a personal thing).  I find at time I can just keep shooting people and they don’t seem to die.  The only plus here is that you gain points just for hits and not only for kills.  I am a little unsure about the leveling system as I have yet to play any ranked games. Over the entire multiplayer is both a sub par and excellent fray into the multiplayer universe. Sub par in the sense of nothing to WOW my pants off, but excellent in their way it finally brings to consoles what PC players have enjoyed for some time and that is an experience with many players on one map that does not seem to run like it has had a gallon of molasses poured on it.

That now brings me to the last game type Coop.  I have to say games with coop always go up a notch if done right. I LOVE (CAPS LOVE) this games coop.  They choose to keep it very simple my offering 3 different class types.  You can have a soldier with carries a big heavy machine gun, grenades, and had a mobile shield system.  These guys are great just walk around and shoot everything.  Next you have the medic.  This role I have not played much but have a laser that with suck life out of the Chimera.  They also can shoot a health pack that will heal players around it. They are limited and you gain them with ammo packs.  That leaves the spec op’s.  This role gives you the marksman sniper.  This gun shoots a 3 shot burst is a scope weapon.  Although headshots don’t do much this role is fun.  They carry the ammo packs, which you can hold up to 3 of.  This pack is on an auto re-spawn timer so they are always generating without the need for you to do anything.  In my onion this is the most vital role since a medic can’t heal a soldier will run out of everything without them.

Now on to the coop play.  Coop isn’t just a regular story.  Once you pick your game you join and pick your class.  You can change classes during games so it’s not a big deal if you want to try s something different later.  Every map has multiple objectives.   The game picks how you go from one to another.  Most games I have played follow a different path and it makes it fun.  The major downside is if none plays as a team you can be really stuck.  This is why they call it coop but everyone who has played a multi player coop knows what I mean.   The only thing I wish was different in this mode would be the leveling.  It really takes a lot to level up and it can almost be too much at times.  You have the option to gain a lot of points per round but it can still be very tough.

Now I am sure your wondering about the sound and graphics.  Both are great.  Playing with a pair of Astro headphones really made me feel like I was in the game.  I really enjoyed turning this up and playing in the dark.  Although while Resistance was not a scary game, there were some thriller parts of very loud an action pack parts of the game.  On top of good sound is great graphics.  This game is awesome looking.  They did put some great time and detail into this game and it shows.  There are times when you are just in a huge open area but they did a great job of keeping you on track with where to go and how to get there.

With all this said this game is a great buy.  I look at this as a must own for ps3 owners.  Having three different game modes will give you plenty of options and great replay value.  But as a game across all platforms coming out this holiday season I have to give this a Gamers Pub rating of a…….