Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare 2

It was announced today that Call of Duty 6 will actually be Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.


That’s right kiddos, Activision’s hugely successful Call of Dutyfranchise is spawning another sequel limb with today’s semi-official announcement that Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is in development and set for release Fall 2009.

The announcement comes from a Microsoft sponsored Massive Inc.upfront where publishers showcase and talk about upcoming products to lineup advertisers prior to release. Activision didn’t have any specifics to announce regarding the title, other than the fact that we’ll be receiving a second helping of Modern Warfare late next year.

Anyone beyond excited for more CoD, especially a sequel to CoD4which is arguably the best of the franchise?

-Xbox 360 Fanboy

Personally I am excited that they will be staying away from World War 2, and continuing in this new direction. It could almost be considered a new franchise that just happens to be called Call of Duty.

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  • "It could almost be considered a new franchise that just happens to be called Call of Duty."
    actually Modern Warfare is, and should be by all, CALL OF DUTY. COD went modern in 2007 and is were is should have stayed in the first place. This latest travesty is just a little company trying to make a name for itself and a quick buck!

  • B1gBadDaddy

    I agree that the series should have stayed in the modern era mate, but World at War took two years to develop, so basically it was always going to be WW2, well before Modern Warfare was even on the shelves.

    For all we know this Modern Warefare may have just been a kind of developer experiment, because it's the only one in the series that doesn't fit, and could be it's own franchise. More COD4 coming though… biggest selling game of 2009 anyone?

  • Douglas

    All in all i'm glad that they are finally ridding their games from the world war point of views., I will be dissapointed however seeing that a new call of duty means starting all over again online and i was level 27 in my last prestige :(. I pray to god they keep the levels seeing as it is only a sequal.

  • joe

    ok it would be awsome if the tec tht we have now-a-days was brought into the game like the tanks we have and the missles. and when you call in a helicopter or an airstike you and/or your buddy can be in tht plane or helicopter. Example: you get your 7 kill streak then you call in the helicopter, your helicopter lands by you and your team you all get in and own. and maybe even something for a 10 kill streak like a nuke. and just like cod world at war, bigger maps. its nice to have a shipment map, but big maps with more people and vehicles and things of tht nature would be cool. and 3 more things, one bring back co-op campaing, two make the multiplayer maps more than maps from the campaing, and three try to live up to cod world at wars nazi zombies.

  • Dude i new modern warfare would be sickkk!!
    I most def ganna buy that when it comes out!!

  • I can’t wait 4 it but it kinda sucks kuz I just got all gold weps and am a lvl 53tenth prestige. I gotta get all challenges b4 it comes out lol

  • hell yea i cant wait to get that game

  • adem

    cnt wait 4 da new call of dutyyy im callin it game of the year already. i agree with evrything joe says tht would be awesome. but it dnt matter cause call of duty is the best war game there is all these other games are lame wif theyre aliens and 20ft jumpin in the air cough* halo cough* 1 quote “Halo=gay, and Call Of Duty=amazing”

  • cod 5 let cod down i meen zombies and ray guns

  • Dean

    Wow car’t wait for that hope that don’t ruin it hopefully it’s as good as the old 1 if not then better it defentlly got my money CAR’T WAIT !

  • they shud keep it eaxtly the same as cod 4 add a few maps keep the old 1ns through a few more weps in balance out a few and just generaly fix cod 4 and i think the helicopter should hhave 1 human player to do the shooting as they kinda have amazing shots them choppers hehe, if there are gonna be vehicals in there i can tell u now the game will be shite

  • hell yea man cod MODERN WARFARE 2 is going to be off the hook but plz don’t put vehicals that will miss the game up…. i like running and killing people not shooting then from a tank u know what i mean…..but the chopper idea is good but only one person can get in and thats the one that call the chopper, the air S should stay the same……….. yea Call Of Duty baby

  • i a realy glad that they are making another modern warfare but i do agree there needs to be a few changes.

    1: bigger maps with more people
    2: vehicles of all sorts
    3: more weapons
    4: allowing to have 2 customizations to your weapon like a silencer and a red dot or a red dot and a bigger clip.
    5: more customizations period instead of just having red dot, silencer, and bigger clips.
    6: distructable items
    7: movable items
    8: ZOMBIE”S
    9: customizable maps
    10: non campain maltiplayer maps
    11: able to clim things to get to sniping positions or hiding spots(not glitching actualy having to clime like by pressing a on the xbox controler so while you are getting you are easy to get hit but not to retaliate. like on the boat in cod 4 you should be able to jump from the center area (the area you can walk up the steps to.) to a crate and hide on there.

    My reasoning for all of this is i love battle field bad company but they made the maps way to big, things are to easy to destroy, and the graphics arnt good top of the line and they could have done better with the vehicles. i also think that some of the areas on world at war or modern warfare you should be able to get to but you cant. i think all of these would help with people playing and having to use a little strategy instead of run and gun like most people do.

  • pikey312

    Are you kidding me. Im on the 9th prestige and i can careless about it rolling over into an new game. Suck it up and be a gamer!

  • pikey312

    Bigger Maps? are you retarded? half the maps in modern warfare are too big as is. especially when playing free for all, you run around for 10 minutes in the larger maps looking for someone and you get shot in the back, fucking rediculous. use your head when developing maps for an online platform.

  • i can already see cod4 3:future warfare
    i hope cod4 2 has Russian zombies ( or what ever enemy you face)
    it would be a little to easy though

  • has anyone heard if ur tenth prestige on cod mw u will get bonus weapons and other bonus items if u play cod mw2?

  • Ben dover

    Stfu all of you my brother killed himself because he kept dying and he got depressed and jumped out our apartment window.

  • xxTiNyxTitLeSxx

    k, listen to this. cod5 is a kick ass game that everybody seems to give crap to.i would like to see you try and make a game from the past. lets c if u can do all the details and give all an infinant amount of time and determination to this game. that’s what i thought; u cant. so shut the f**k up and if u don’t like the game, then y did you bye it in the first place. so someone got to your head and manipulated u. o and another thing, cod5 gave itself zombies because they felt maybe since our society, the way it is today, is in this zombie, horror, and adrenaline pumping era, that they had to reach us in some way. and guess what, they reached me because i’m from this era and its true. i love fighting, gorry, and zombie infested levels with the only thing to fend them off is a gun and your partner. so don’t judge the game because u think it sucks.

  • Dario

    Yea I’m glad to hear there coming back to modern warfare but I still can’t understand why all these pansies are crying about world at war I mean you know there still playing it but yet they complain ppl are iggnorant sometimes

  • yall are the biggest group of whiney people ive ever read about, get a damn life and do stuff that will impact ur life. Games are made for entertainment not to f**k urself because a new game is coming out. if u have to much in your life then gaming shouldnt be something for you, and i dont think noone cares that u get 9th or 10th prestige, because I believe its a game and not something to go around bragging about you stupid nerds. I play cod4, and yea I might not be good and thats because i have other stuff to do other than sit at home all day playing my xbox360 and getting fat trying to stay awake or not paying attention to your PERSONAL HYGIENE! GET A FRIGGIN LIFE!!!!! and if u get agrivated at dying or something else then TURN OFF YOUR CONSOLE AND DO SOMETHING LESS AGRIVATING IN YOUR LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Gideon

    ok…wow…alot of you suck ass at games anyway…i play CoD and Halo…now i hear alot of you guys bitching about how high you jump in halo…well ok lets look….CoD is moder warfare…right…key=modern…
    taking place id say…well around 07-09…and halo is in 2552…lets compare…wow thats about 500+ years diffrence…and most CoD players hate halo because they suck and most halo players because they suck at CoD…i used to hate CoD but then i got it so i could play with some friends and i was like…”damn i rape shit at this” and now i play boith halo and COD so how about all of you who favor 1 or the other…try playing the one you hate and get better at it and then look back and say…”hell, both of those games are bad ass…” and if you wanna play me/with me in either one…my GT is dragonbuster69 just damn…im tired of hearing this fight…both games are great and i like them both…and someone once told me that halo player and CoD players are mortal enimies…so i dont know…am i my own worst enimiy for liking both games??

  • Gideon

    haha i spelled enemy… wrong…lol

  • Gideon

    also quit bitching about how many shots it talks to kill in halo…and about how few in CoD…noobs lol xD

  • Gideon

    ohh and brian has a but i have a life and i am good…so yea…suck it haha…and mabee you just suck brian…ever think about that?