“Cooking Mama: World Kitchen” Review

Game Review: Cooking Mama: World Kitchen
Release: November 18, 2008
Genre: Simulation
Developer: Cooking Mama Limited
Available Platforms: Nintendo Wii
Players: 1-2
MSRP: $49.99
ESRB Rating: E

With the inevitable success of Cooking Mama on the Nintendo DS and the first title on the Wii, Cooking Mama Limited brings to the Wii World Kitchen. With a new style in art, more recipes, minigames, and motion-control-centric gameplay, will World Kitchen be a must-have for your collection?

World Kitchen puts you in the hands on Mama’s young child, be it a boy or girl, that you have a small amount of customization with. Do not get too excited about this feature, however, for it is very limited and rather pointless. You begin the game with a few recipes, some bizarre, that take you through a variety of minigames varying from chopping onions, spreading butter in the pan, searing meat, etc.

The art style has been upgraded from 2D to 3D which is a nice improvement to the series.

World Kitchen is full of problems. Though some minigames are easy enough to pull off, there are more that will leave you feeling frustrated. There are no tutorials and the time given to perform some of the minigames is not substantial enough. You will fail plenty in the beginning and many may not want to go back to play certain situations over again to improve. The voice work is laughable, at best, with the Mama character speaking with a heavy Japanese accent. The phrases spoken by the child character you control will grow old on you very fast.

With frustrating minigames and controls, a lack of depth, and quirky Japanese stylization, Cooking Mama: World Kitchen does not come off well as a purchase. Though this game is meant more for casual gamers, I would not even recommend this title to them. Hardcore gamers and casual alike will find this title unappealing after a few minutes.

This title is a definate pass.

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  • would the kids like it though? isn't it really meant for a younger audience?

  • FandA_Eternal

    I think it would be too frustrating for kids. I would suggest something else for the children.

  • Cooking Mama for the DS does prove to fun I think for all ages, to bad the Wii edition is not so good