The Middle finger goes up..wayyy up to Rockband DLC. F$C@ You!

This is a rant that I just need to get of my chest, so before everyone goes off on me let it be said that this is a rant wholly on my part.

Fuc* Rockband DLC Fu$k it up is bitch ass I hate you, I hate you, I hate you. I have thus far invested over a hundred dollars into your game Harmonix, and while as a DJ I love all styles of music my favorite genera has been ignored to this date. I’m talking about the Ska/ Punk/ Reggae genera that The Gamers Pub has been asking for since the pod cast began. What caused me to go on this rant that has cause Gui J (One of the most Rasta, calm, mofos on Platform Nation) to go ape Shit?

Let start with the fact that Steve519 and I have been asking for either 311 and, or, Sublime for over 379 days, you don’t believe us just look at the ticker that, as of today is still counting on The Gamers Followed that with the fact that when Guitar Hero World tour was announced both songs from Sublime and 311 were included, arrrrrrr. I tried to weather my disappointment with the enthusiasm and hope that the DLC road that has been promised to us would spark them to bring something our way. Alas what was to follow in the coming months was nothing but treaded rehashes of shitty European bands DLC, a free 23 track pack of bands I never heard of, and a bunch of lame DLC shit that is only enjoyed by people who wear berets, have soul patches and hang out at Starbucks all day. I’m sorry I take that back (Partially) some of the DLC was o.k. but what has really made me go ape shit was this weeks DLC.

Today I see that Guitar Hero World Tour is giving away for FREE, three reggae tracks that all feature kick ass bands…for FREE!!!! And what do we get from Rockband this week..??????

Individual Tracks   Miranda Cosgrove* “Headphones On” –  ($Free) “From a host of a Fucking nickelodeon Kids Show”

Miranda Cosgrove folks in all her glory. I dont CARE if it FREE, do YOU want to be rocking out to a song by her?!?

* “Are You Dead Yet” – Children of Bodom (80 / $1)* “WHO?”

* “Tutto E’ Possibile ” – Finley (80 / $1)*   “WHO?”

* “Hay Poco Rock N Roll” – Platero y Tu (80 / $1)* “WHO?”

* “Tempted” – Squeeze (80 / $1)* “WHO?”

* “Ready, Set, Go” – Tokio Hotel (80 / $1)*  “O.k. not so bad”

* “Real World” – The All-American Rejects (80 / $1)*  “ Still for the little kids”

* “Body I Occupy” – Naked Brothers Band (80 / $1)  “WTF Mate!!”

•    “I Don’t Want to Go to School” – Naked Brothers Band (80 / $1) “WTF Mate!!”

Naked Brothers Band..and they want you pay a dollar for this shit.

(And as a father of four, I dont even let my kids watch this garbage.)

(My sons think they are garbage 8 and 6 year olds that is.)

Anyway I don’t want to have to buy Guitar Hero world tour, I love Rockband., but Fuck you to whoever decides what comes to DLC…really man Fuck You!!!