The real reason behind Sonic’s next-gen stumbles is?


Keep in mind, there was a discussion about this on the latest .5 show, but I felt like I had just a little bit more to say about this.

What is up XBL Radio listeners, B4 here to talk to you about something that has been on my mind for awhile. Want to know what it is?. It is a question as to why recent games that feature the speedy, blue, spikey-haired Sonic the Hedgehog have not emphasized the one aspect that made his earlier titles so great, speed, and stuck with ideas that in the end become more of a gimmick, than a successful new idea, such as the Werehog.

I was browsing around some articles on a few different gaming websites to figure out why this has happenned. I came across one article from, written by Chris Thomas, that featured an excerpt from the IGN Three Lights Podcast. David Clayman, the host of the podcast, recalled a time in which he talked to a member of the Sonic Unleashed team about why recent Sonic games have tried out new ideas (like the Werehog) that have not been successful, and have not just put the emphasis on the one element that has made these games successful in the past, speed.

Here is what David Clayman recalled from the conversation:

“I asked one of the developers at TGS, you know I was like, come on everybody just wants Sonic running, like whats up with the werehog? And he was like, well, heres the deal… he runs at this miles per hour, kilometers per hour, and he laid out all of the statistics on how fast this hedgehog goes, and he was like In order to make a game where Sonic is running and everybody enjoys the whole thing we’d have to design this many miles of level, and it was some ungodly number. And he’s like and that would be like maybe a three hour game and I was like wow, well that kinda stinks and he’s like yeah, so we gotta do this other stuff.”

sonic day level

So basically what it boils down too is that it would take way too long for the creators to design miles and miles of levels for Sonic to speed his way through, and if a next-gen version of a Sonic game was made like that, it would be way too short in length.  And that is why they add these new ideas to Sonic’s more recent games, to artificially add length to the game.

I personally think that this is a BS excuse as to why these games have been so bad. Honestly, if a three or four hour Sonic game came out, that just focused on speed, and was fun and enjoyable to play, I would have no problem paying $30 or $40 dollars for it, simply because it would be the next-gen Sonic game that fans of the series have been waiting for. I would even except a new XBLA  game that focused on this aspect. It would not be a bad idea either, especially when most games on there take about the same amount of time to complete anyway, a new Sonic game would be the perfect fit with these types of games.

Please, for the love of god SEGA, I am telling you this now. If you do not make a decent Sonic game that just focuses on speed, you are going to lose out on the potential of this franchise real quick.  Sonic does not deserve, and many of you gamers out there, like me, who have followed this series since it started deserve better than what we have been getting out of it lately.

Sonic, if you have one more bad game, you could end up running off of a cliff forever. Let us just hope that this does not happen anytime soon.

Until next time gamers, this is B4 signing off

Take Care,

Mr B4

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