Get Your Free Qore Episode

Sony is looking to expand its audience for Qore today by offering the seventh episode of their digital magazine for free via the PlayStation Store.

This free episode will include a inside look at Skate 2, and a exclusive Killzone 2 theme.  Annual subscribers will be able to download a demo for the Qore exclusive Flock.

So now you will be able to check out what Qore is all about and it has a great price tag free.  I will be checking this out just to see what the digital magazine has to offer.

  • not sure why sony is doing this, my only guess is that maybe home is included

  • If it was, i think that would have been mentioned in the story, since it is Sony's biggest project at this point.

  • This free Flock game better be something special. Do they really think that giving away a free Qore is going to make more people buy it? I haven't bothered to look at it yet. Too busy!!!