Dead Space (PS3) TQ Review

Dead Space has many similarities to games like Doom 3 And Bioshock.  Some very noticeable similarities are: the deserted audio recordings from deceased people scattered around bloody industrial rooms, and the creepy creatures roaming around the hallways and rooms that come at you when you least expected.

Controls: The controls are third person controls, very easy to get used to. Has a great objective GPS guide. Pressing down R3 gives you a highlighted light on the ground directing your objective destination. Initial feel while in zero gravity can be frustrating.

Graphics: Some of the best looking environments on the PS3. Explosions and the Vacuum room simply make this game shine. Some of the enemy models could of been better.

Sound: Simply top notch. Incredible violin suspense music introduced at perfect points in the game. Sound affects are crisp and clear.

Replay Value/Story: With only a single player campaign and with a tag of $59.99, the game is a rental.  The campaign is roughly 12 hours. The game does unlock some extras after finishing the game, but nothing that might get you to replay the story once again, unless you are after all or most of the trophies. The game  gets very repetitive, there is tons of back tracking. The game delivers in originality on only several parts of the game like (zero gravity, vacuum), not all. The story is nothing epic, “stranded on a ship in space must get out”.

Wishes or Changes: Introduce more of the unique things like the gravity and vacuum rooms. Less repetitiveness.

TQ bottom line Michela Rating: Think of Doom3/Bioshock mixed with the Potato Sack head mask from Resident Evil 4, but in space. Oh and did I mention 49 PS3 Trophies? Yes 49 possible trophies.

4 out 5 Michelas