Killzone 2 Finally Has A Date

In 2005 at E3, Sony announced Killzone 2 for the PS3 and that was long time ago and some might have totally forgotten about Killzone 2.  Well we now have a date that we can finally look forward to for the long anticipated release.  Killzone 2 is set to arrive in North America February 27, 2009 and a similar time frame for Europe.

Killzone 2 is the follow up story that was started with Killzone for the PS2 released in 2004, where humanity was on the defensive against the invading Helghast army.  Now with Killzone 2 the Interplanetary Strategic Alliance launches an assualt on Helghast home world.

Killzone 2 will feature online multiplayer for up to 32 players online with eight different maps.

We all can probably remember the in game trailer that was shown at E3 in ’05 for the Killzone 2, lets hope the game play will live up to the original press conference because I for one thought the video was visually appealing and can’t wait to see some more of the game play in the upcoming months before it’s release.

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  • RESERVED!!!! I can't believe it's coming out in February. Screw Sony and their evil release date mayhem.

  • Bigmangriff

    2 days after my birthday. easy one to remember.

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