Playstation Portable Editorial

Today I sat down and looked at my poor, abused PSP, the fatty PSP too. And I thought why don’t I ever play my games on this console? I know it is not because I don’t like the system, because I do. Maybe I don’t play it because I am to lazy to even check if it has a charge. But why am I this lazy, why don’t I have any motivation to even try to turn it on. Well probably because I am afraid it will turn on. 

Though I love the PSP in concept, there is nothing really wonderfully attractive about it. It really now has no propose in my life. The PSP has always kinda in the back of my mind felt like a mistake, not Sony’s but mine why would I lay down the dough to get a fancy game-boy? 

Well I know why I laid down the dough, it was because of the wonderful Ideas of PS3-PSP integration. Well that integration was fairly nonexistent from the start. When you plugged your PSP into your brand new PS3 you were fairly disappointed that it behaved much like when you plugged it into your computer. It was a little clunky and only let you use it as a external hard drive really. You could even plug your GBA into your Game-cube and get some cool features (GBA on your TV primarily).

Now times are finally changing and Sony is starting to offer some integration. You can now download games on your PS3 and transfer them to your PSP, and they are coming out with games like Resistance Retribution that give you extra interaction when plugged into your Playstation. But I still want more, I want to play a racing game on my PS3 and use my PSP as a controller and a rear view mirror, or be playing Fallout 3 and have my PSP be my Pip-Boy. That is what I consider full integration, and Sony really needs to open that box to developers. It would really give me a reason to actually turn on my PSP.

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  • Snakeman555

    I certainly hope Sony is just scratching the surface. I love my PSP too, but like you said the selection of games is just crap. The last game I bought was God of War. Also I think it would be cool if Sony switched to all digital distribution for PSP games. I would also have to say that until I got my iPod touch I used it's internet browser a LOT.

  • Yeah I read this article off N4G earlier. The guy has a lot of good points. I felt the same about my PSP which is why I don't own one now. With cell phones becoming more advanced, I just didn't feel there was a need to keep it. Maybe one day they'll give me a reason to purchase one, but I think the handheld days for me are over.

  • I love my PSP and I think Sony is just starting to scratch the surface on the usefulness of the PSP like the integration factor and I love your idea about playing Fallout 3 and using the PSP as your Pip-Boy. One thing I do wish though is that the PSP would come out with more good games on a frequent basis instead of the dribs and drabs PSP owners have been used to with game releases.

  • Snakeman555

    I just turned on my PSP and it was at version 3.80 and I cant update it because the battery is low.

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  • Have you played Resistance Retribution? revolutionary with its PSP connect feature and ability to play with DS3 controller on a big screen tv! shows the potential the psp has and we just need more devs making sweet games like that for it! so not the device its the content and as they say content is king!

  • Jacob Hruska (snakeman555)

    I believe when I wrote this article Resistance retribution was not even out yet