New DLC For The Force Unleashed

Star Wars The Force Unleashed publisher Lucas Arts has announced its new DLC for Xbox 360 and PS3 version alike.  The new DLC will contain an all new mission that is set in the Jedi Temple, and you play as Darth Vaders understudy.  The DLC will also include nine new character skins that you will be able to use in the single player campaign.

You can just purchase the new skins (included with that is the previosly released skins) for $5 (400 Microsoft Points) or you can purchase the new mission and the skins for $10 (800 Microsoft Points).  Lucas Arts didn’t give us much warning about the new DLC seeing it is available right now.

  • the missions pack is up for xbox 360 but not for ps3 any iseas to why?

  • i own both systems but have TFU on ps3 and i am starting to think i might trade it in for the xbox 360 version

  • That is a good question and I have not found a answer as of yet. Lets hope that PS3 owners will be able to get the DLC in the near future.

  • That is a good question and I am sorry if I offended any PS3 owners of the Force Unleashed, the DLC seems to be available for the PS3 also.

  • tyranus

    i get paid on the 15th and if it aint out for ps3 im trading mine in for the 360 version

  • yeah i went to trade mine last night at gamestop and they wanted to give 18 and i would have had to pay 59 for the same game but on xbox!! so i am giving it till the end of the week!!