Xbox Community Playdate at the Pub… It’s on, like Marcus and Dom!

That’s right, the Pub is off the bar stools, and into the depths of Seran with the Community and some other Platform Nation hosts and staff helping us out.

The Gamers Pub team members will be online Sunday, December 7 from 5:00 – 8:00 P.M. ET (2:00 – 5:00 P.M. PT) playing Gears of War 2. Look out for these Gamertags:

Here’s my suggestion for the best chance to get into our playdate.  Send a friends request to the gamer tag “The Gamers Pub(with spaces) so we can invite you.  This tag will act as an extended friends list for all Pub Staffers.  I hope this makes it easier for everyone and we can get as many as we can into games with us.  The staff will be broken up into teams of 2 for most of the night.  The response has been overwhelming.  We are all ecstatic to see so many interested in our playdate, but we may not get to everyone.  We will do our best, but this means kicking people after a few rounds and making a new room for others.  Please understand and have a great time.  We’ll be rotating many different game types, but not much hoard because it only holds the 2 staffers and 3 others, where as vs. modes (unranked) can hold 2 staffers and 8 others.

The Gamers Pub and the rest of Platform Nation want to send out a big thanks to Trixie360  (and her menions) for making this happen.  Another Platform Nation show is having a playdate soon.  Leave a comment and tell us what show, what game and what date and you could win a prize.  Also, if you get to play with us, drop an email to [email protected] with the subject: “Community Playdate – Gamers Pub.” Be sure to include your Gamertag and home town!  Microsoft will be posting recaps from gamers all across the country.

There seems to be a misprint on the dashboard of 5-8pm ET, so GUI J is going to try to be on early, and BDazzler will try to join soon after.