Next Metal Gear Title coming to the 360?

Metal Gear Image

Hey what is up XBL Radio listeners, B4 here bring you the latest news as to what is going on in the gaming community.

I found an image on today, that was released by the Kojima Productions website, and from the looks of it, it looks like that a new Metal Gear game should be on its way very soon. The only problem with this is from the looks of this image, it seems to me that the next title in the series will not be releasing on the PS3. A lot of speculation is taking place that this next game could release on the 360 because of the green lights and power button, on the Wii or DSi because of the exclamation points, on the ipod touch for the same reason, or on the PC because of the power button as well. There has also been speculation that this might have something to do with Metal Gear Acid, because of the exclamation points as well.

Whatever way you look at it, PS3 owners are set to be dissappointed this time around. The question that I pose is, are you excited that a new Metal Gear game is coming out, or are you disappointed that the franchise is not staying exclusive to the PS3?

Either way, I will let you, the gamers, make the call

Until next time gamers, this is B4 signing off

Take Care,

Mr B4

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  • George McBain

    This is FAKE … as posted during Sarcastic Gamer's weekly "Fiction Fridays"

  • George McBain

    Spoke to soon, my bad

  • Bigmangriff

    I don't understand, what green lights, power button, and exclamation points have to do with what system it's on. Although, I will be upset if it's not on the PS3, if it makes it to a console.

  • I agree. Why everybody assumes it's for the 360, I don't know. There is literally nothing there to say it might be on the 360 other than the colors.

  • Acidtestkids

    if real, i would say Metal Gear Ac!d on the itouch/ iphone

  • Ticko_989

    Just so you know the PS3 Power button looks the same as all of the other Power buttons in the technology world, so this image really has no significance at all.

  • FandA_Eternal

    My guess would be MGS for iPhone, since there was an iPod in MGS 4. Maybe the Apple theme will continue.

    There are MGS games for cell phones in Japan.

  • Bigmangriff

    MGS5 on the MacBook!

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