Top Now iPhone, iPod Touch and Android Friendly


Platform Nation is now easier to access from anywhere in world. Today we have made Platform Nation work fully on your iPhone, iPod Touch and Android. You have full access to the site, all the news, the ability to leave comments, you can even listen to the shows directly off of your phone.

Hope you all enjoy the upgraded access.

  • One more reason to get a new phone.

  • Snakeman555

    It would be really kick ass it you got an PN iPhone App! I wonder how much it would cost to have someone develop something like that?

  • are you able to screenshot with it? I would like to see if it looks any different

  • Steve….my G1 thanks you.

  • Steve….my G1 thanks you. I was just using Google Reader on my phone to read everything, but this gives me another option.

  • Yeah. I have to go to work now but I'll send you the pic when I get a break.

  • Scratch that Steve. The Android folks don't let us have root access so we can't take screenshots or capture video atm, but I can say that it looks exactly like the iPhone screenshot you posted.