Sony to reduce work force

by Erik Johnsen

In a move intended to save the electronics giant $1.1 billion per year, Sony has announced it will be cutting 8,000 jobs between now and March of 2010.

The recent decline in demand for flat panel televisions will see a majority of jobs cut from the Sony electronics business. While this is separate from the Sony Computer Electronics group, the SCE division has been indicated to being under review.

An SCE Europe spokesperson was quoted saying to the UK trade paper MCV: “In order to stay competitive in the accelerating global network environment, we will always carefully review and make structural changes, if necessary, in order to further expand and strengthen the PlayStation business around the world.”

Sony issued a statement on the cuts as well. “These initiatives are in response to the sudden and rapid changes in the global economic environment.

“Furthermore, Sony plans to realign domestic and overseas manufacturing sites, reallocate its workforce and reduce headcount.”

Source: Gamasutra and MCV