Home Will Be Available December 11

Home will finally be here!

December 11th is the date Sony has announced that Home will be available to everyone.  Home will launch directly from the PSN, even though Sony states the release is still in the Beta stage, the release on the 11th will be a open Beta  and Home will continue to evolve as time goes on.

Home’s basic features will be free, but as we all know nothing is totally free.  Sony has found a way to work in micro-transactions into Home.  We will be able to purchase designer clothes for our avatars, and furniture for our avatars apartments.

Well it’s finally really going to be here, now lets see what will happen when everyone starts downloading Home tomorow morning.  I can’t wait to see what Home has to offer.

  • like tomorrow? oh joy!

  • You should have altleast mentioned all the Watchmen Shwag you can get when the Home Open Beta starts. Plus some sort of welcome video from the Watchmen creator,

  • Unfortunately, all the game spaces have not been re-added yet. Those little spaces are what make home better. I just got through giving Sony my opinions on what they should add into HOME. If any of you actually have access to the HOME beta forums, please make your voice heard. I have it on good authority that Sony is really going to go through the lists and add stuff that makes sense.