Top – 039 This One Blows!

Main Topic: Make sure that you lower your expectations for this one!  Join us as we discuss various ways to manage your expectations for games, movies, and more.

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Around the Pool Table:


– Watched Twilight…yeah, Twilight.
– Played more FarCry 2.
– Screwed around in Home with Pat, the tranny babysitter.

– Playing WoW (level 22 Dranei Priest), Chrono Trigger, and Prince of Persia.

– Watched Four Christmases.
– Played more Left 4 Dead and Halo 3.
– Started a blog –
– Went to a Fresno Falcons Game.
– Watched the season finally of Storm Chasers.
– Watched Fred Clause via Red Box.
– Played Halo 3 at Jonathan’s House.
– In the process of getting knocked out of fantasy football playoffs.

– The dude that made Garry’s Mod made well over a million dollars.
– It is our fault that EA employee’s will lose their jobs.

The Best Music You’ve (probably) Never Heard: Pavement – Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain

Community Corner: We’ve got a major Woody for community.