Watch your Netflix, or you may miss something by 2009.

I’ve noticed that about 1/3 of my “Watch Instantly” queue is warning me that it won’t be available after (or sometimes before) 12/31/08. If you have some movies in that queue that you want to watch, make sure you look at your queue on your PC and move the ones that are leaving up to the top. The Xbox 360 queue shows no indication of when the content might disappear.

Licenses come and go, and it looks like several are ready to go soon. Will they be renewed? Maybe, just make sure you check it out before it’s too late.

Here’s just a few titles in my queue that I don’t want to miss before the new year: “The Day the Earth Stood Still”, “Enter the Dragon, Special Edition”, “Kelly’s Heroes”, “Ladyhawke”, “The Dirty Dozen”, “Real Genuis”, “Superman Doomsday”, “Ghost Busters”, “The Fifth Element”, “Diggstown”, and “Crimson Tide”.

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