Where’s Home? – 2ND UPDATE

2ND UPDATE: Connectivity errors seem to be plauging Home in the U.S. Keep an eye on Joystiq for updates.

UPDATE: Home is now live

Playstation Home’s open beta, due out today, seems to be MIA. As of this writing, 2281 comments on the Playstation Blog are all echoing the same question: Where’s Home?

According to Joystiq, it seems the launch has hit some snags, with the Playstation Network facing a complete shutdown for an hour earlier today.

Seems that Sony are opting for a midday release rather than a midnight launch. So for the time being, your best bet is to go out, get some groceries, drive to the mall, or just catch a movie. Maybe, JUST MAYBE, Home will be up in the Playstation store by the time you get back. If you aren’t that patient, keep an eye on PS3 Fanboy for updates.

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  • ViperX2

    It's up as of 1:30 PST

  • Its up but when I try to log in I get error messages and it seems like a problem for most people trying to get in today (per PS3 Home forums). Maybe tomorrow will be a little better to get in.