PixelJunk Eden Patch!

It looks like I may have a reason to attempt some of the Eden trophies, because PixelJunk Eden is getting on of those wonderful “EASINESS” patches.

or the second time Q-Games is on a mission to make their own games easier. They did it with PixelJunk Monsters, by adding difficulty settings and increasing the strength of some towers. This time it’s PixelJunk Eden‘s turn to receive the patch treatment, which will make substantial changes to the game’s difficulty. 

The official site states that the patch will add a “new continue system” for when you run out of time and a new control system. You’ll also have “lots more time to spare” as you make use of the “smoother multi-play camera.” This patch is due to arrive on the 19th of December in Japan and Europe, with an American release “coming soon.”

We’re all for improving accessibility, but we get the feeling that these new features might make things a little too easy. The smoother multiplayer camera is definitely a welcome improvement, though. Hopefully now Q-Games has gone back and “fixed” both of their most recent games we’ll start hearing more about new PixelJunk title soon. That’d be nice.

-PS3 Fanboy

So do you think the PixelJunk games should be changed to appeal to a wider audience (and trophy whores) or should they have left them alone?

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