Guitar Hero Metallica: Coming Early 2009


Guitar Hero Aerosmith was a hit, but next year, the next saga in the artist specific guitar hero games feature the one and only, Metallica.

The game hasn’t officially been announced, but reports of this game have been floating around for months, and now USA Today has pretty much confirmed that the game will be coming out, and does exist.

The game will be the same as Guitar Hero Aerosmith, covering the songs and the venues that the band have famously played it. But USA Today have also said that the songs that you play in the game wont be in the same order that Metallica made the songs, mainly because the songs that they first created are extremely difficult, and would destroy any guitar hero fan. Most of Metallica’s songs are of an advanced level anyway, so the game won’t be aimed at people new to the franchise, and will be focused on experienced Guitar Hero’s.

March was the month given for the date of release, but with no official information, this could just be a guess. Keep yourself on Platform Nation for more updates on the game in the coming weeks.

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