Metal Gear Solid…iPhone?- UPDATED

UPDATE: Confirmation came today that Metal Gear Solid Touch is, in fact, completely real. The gameplay is based around MGS4, and players will control the entire game through touch screen commands. Screenshots below will give you a glimpse of how awesome this game will look.

Original Article:

Details have emerged regarding the recent Konami teaser regarding the next Metal Gear game. Hideo Kojima recently stated that details regarding the game would soon emerge, and he wasn’t kidding. user Nintendoian666 came across the following scan from Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu, and he’s been kind enough to share it with the world.

That’s right, ladies and gents; you’re looking at Metal Gear Solid Touch on the Apple iPhone.  There’s always a very real chance that this is a forgery, but only time will tell.  Still, this could make iPhone smash hit Super Monkey Ball look like notorious crapfest Superman 64.

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