New York State Proposed Budget Would Tax DLC

Welcome to New York.  Now where’s your wallet?

New York’s proposed state budget could impose tax on downloadable games or game content.  I know some State’s already are doing this, but for us in N.Y. it seems we get taxed for everything.  Now don’t get me wrong I am not one of those anti-government guys and understand taxes is what makes the system work, but taxing my DLC !  What’s next???

Close Digital Property Taxation Loophole: Imposes state and local sales tax on purchases of prewritten software, digital audio, audio-visual and text files, digital photographs, games, and other electronically delivered entertainment services to achieve tax parity. For example, with the passage of this bill, a book, song, album, or movie would be subject to sales tax no matter if it was bought at a brick and mortar store or downloaded online