PS3 vs. 360?

I know everyone is tired of hearing about the “console wars” well I can tell you now the wii wins, Hurray!  Well this is not my point at all. My problem is that I am tired of hearing about how the 360 is a better deal, I don’t care if you fanboys out there hate me for this.

The point is that unless you don’t need a hard-drive the 360 is only $100 cheaper than the PS3, and if you match it up feature for feature the PS3 is far superior to the 360. The first feature that is included in the PS3, and costs an extra $100 for the 360 is wifi. Then there is the HD Movie Player, which is conveniently included in the PS3, and costs $150 dollars for the 360. Don’t even say the HD-DVD Player is obsolete, because I am aware that is, but either way this is bad for the 360 either you don’t have HD movie capabilities, or you have to pay 150 dollars for HD movie capabilities (when the Blu Ray attachment eventually comes out). And on top of these extra things you have to buy, you also have to have them cluttering up your gaming environment, and who wants that

With just these features by my calculations the 360 comes out to be $550, and the PS3 comes out to be $400.

Oh yea and this is my argument without even mentioning all of the 360’s -cough- red rings -cough- and the wonderful abstract scratching artwork your 360 so kindly puts on your $60 disks.

And then there are the software advantages, where the PS3 is strikingly superior again. The PSN store is sooo much better that he XBL Marketplace when it comes to finding stuff. The PS3 also has a built in web browser, HOME, and the ability to instal Linux as well as the XMB OS. (I know I just lost a ton of credibility as listing HOME as a PS3 advantage, but it’s better than the 360 alternative of a bunch of miis standing in a room) Though to overlying factor that makes the PS3 so much nicer than the 360 is the sheer expandability, I personally love that sony made the PS3 so customizable be it from making your own themes to installing any hard-drive you want. Unlike Microsoft’s special overpriced hard-drive.

All in all I (not necessarily Platform Nation as a whole) believe the Playstation Is by far superior to the 360.
-Feel free to place all of your angry comments, rants, and rebuttals in the comment box.